Residents United Against North East Link Option A

who we are

We are the people who are protesting against the North-East Link Road proposal of Victorian Government

We are the people who care for the community, who care for the Parklands, Who care for a better & healthy living


North East Link - Why OPTION A Needs To Be Abandoned

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What You Can DO

Residents United Against North East Link Option A

This is the most important thing you can do. We have some pre-prepared letters for if you aren’t sure what to say. See our MPs and Councils to Contact document to see who to write to.

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Email the RACV General Manager Public Policy & Corporate Affairs, Bryce

The RACV previously lobbied for option C as it’s top road priority. It seems to now also accept option A.

Tell him not to accept this weakened policy, and that Option A is a poor road planning option.

Write to your local newspaper

Contact Kahhui Tan Zikou.

You can hand out, print, or both

See RUANELA Talking Points document

If there’s anything else you would like to do yourself, please suggest it to any RUANELA steering committee member. We also have other tasks available if you would like to help out.

List your experience around the Yarra near Heide or Bulleen. Lots of stories shows how important this area is, and that it must be protected.

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